Wild Discs Sea Otter - Lava Plastic Cole Redalen

Wild Discs Sea Otter - Lava Plastic Cole Redalen

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173g Pink


The Cole Redalen Sea Otter is finally here! After Cole took a liking to the disc and cashed a $2500 CTP in the GKPro Skins match we felt it necessary to partner up with him on a signature Sea Otter.

Every sale of a Cole Redalen sea otter will go towards supporting Cole on tour as well as aiding in wildlife conservation.

Grab yours today to support Cole and all the Sea Otters out there in need.

The Cole Redalen sea otter is available in our Lava plastic, Nuclear plastic and Glow plastic. Will you grab the whole set and grab an ace on the course of your own?

About the Sea Otter mold

The Sea Otter is the go to putter for those “must make” putts. This putter may also find itself as your favorite throwing putter! (As it did for Cole) With having a good fade and little to no turn, it will hold its line for those tight approach shots or accurate shots off the tee.